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Almo Nature - Cat - HFC 70 Natural - Fish

This product is no longer available.

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  • Product Description

    Almo Nature has a meal for adult cats named 'Almo Nature Cat food HFC 70g Fish'. This tasty and classic canned meal is prepared with natural ingredients and contains no less than 75% fish and/or meat. All fish is caught fresh from the sea (not farmed) and meat is guaranteed to be free range (free of hormones and antibiotics).

    Preperation method:

    The fish, meat and vegetables are cooked and processed without chemical treatment and then preserved in their own cooking water. By using this process, nutrients are retained and the fish, meat and vegetables stay rich in natural vitamins and minerals. A small amount of rice is then added to the meal. These Almo Nature meals contain no chemical preservatives or colourings. This pure and classic meal is simple and natural and cats think it tastes great.

    Almo's nutritional advice

    Almo Nature recommends that cats are fed with 60% wet food and 40% dry food for optimal balance.

    Classic or HFC?

    The difference is that HFC has higher meat percentage than Classic, and that the Classic is slightly lower in calories.

    Please note:

    A number of products previously sold under the name Classic has changed to become HFC. However, this transition is not yet fully completed in all countries. It may therefore be that you get the correct product in the old packaging.

    HFC 70g Fish is available in 7 flavours and is sold as 24 x 70g cans

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