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Almo Nature HFC - Jelly

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    Almo Nature HFC - Jelly

    Almo Nature HFC - Jelly is a meal for cats consisting of pure meat, pure fish and vegetable gelatine. This vegetable gelatine is a natural solution that helps to remove hairballs formed in cats during their daily grooming. In addition, the food contains fresh, natural ingredients that were intended for human consumption, but are now used in this pet food. The food is free from preservatives and colourings.


    Almo Nature HFC - Jelly comes in 55 gram pouches in packs of 24 and is available in 7 different flavours.


    • Chicken: chicken stock (54.5%), chicken (45%), rice (0.5%)
    • Tuna and sole: tuna stock (52%), tuna (40%), sole (5.5%), rice (1%)
    • Tuna: tuna (51%), tuna stock (48.5%), rice (0.5%)
    • Tuna, chicken and ham: tuna stock (53.5%), tuna fillet (19.9%), chicken (19.9%), ham (4%), rice (1%)
    • Tuna fillet and shrimp: tuna stock (53.5%), tuna fillet (39.8%), shrimp (4%), rice (1%)
    • Salmon: salmon stock (53.5%), salmon fillet (43.8%), rice (1%)

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