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Almo Nature HFC Natural Cat Food - Pouch - Salmon and Pumpkin

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    Almo Nature HFC Natural Cat Food - Pouch - Salmon and Pumpkin

    Almo Nature HFC is a "single serve" meal in a convenient 55g pouch which can be served directly into your cat's food bowl. This HFC and flavourful meal is composed only of pure ingredients and contains a high percentage of fish. The fish is not farmed but freshly caught from the sea.

    The meat is cooked and processed without additional chemicals and preserved in its own cooking juices to keep in valuable nutrients, and is rich in natural vitamins and minerals. To complete the meal, a small amount of rice is added; this makes the meal a healthy and responsible choice. Meals from Almo Nature contain no chemical preservatives or colourings to improve the appearance and flavour of the food. The simplicity and authentic taste make these meals extremely popular with cats.

    For a 100% nutritionally balanced diet, Almo Nature recommends that you give 60% wet food and 40% dry food to your cat daily.


    Almo Nature HFC 55g is packaged in 24 pouches weighing 55g each (24x55g).


    salmon stock (47%), salmon (38%), pumpkin (12%), rice (3%).

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