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Almo Nature Plus - Cat - Wet Food

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    Almo Nature Plus - Cat - Wet Food

    Are you looking for a delicious supplementary meal for your cat? Then try the Plus wet food from Almo Nature! This wet food is gluten-free and contains only one source of animal protein: meat or fish. It is filled with high quality proteins and helps support various processes in the body. If your cat is a picky eater, you're sure to find a new favourite flavour for your feline friend within the Plus range!

    Key features

    • Supplementary wet food
    • Only one source of animal protein: meat or fish
    • Gluten-free
    • 100% HFC -approved ingredients
    • Rich in high-quality protein
    • Suitable for adult cats


    24 x 55g


    • Chicken breast: Chicken breast 99.5%, rice 0.5%
    • Sardine: sardines 91%, sardine broth 8.5%, rice 0.5%
    • Atlantic Ocean Tuna: Atlantic tuna 91%, tuna broth 8.5%, rice 0,5%
    • Indian Ocean Tuna: Indian Ocean Tuna 91%, tuna broth 8.5%, rice 0.5%

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