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Animology - Curly Coat Shampoo

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    Animology - Curly Coat Shampoo

    Does your dog have a curly coat that is impossible to comb through? Then the Animology is the perfect shampoo for your four-legged friend. Enriched with conditioners, oatmeal and Shea butter, the shampoo helps to remove knots and tangles from your dog's coat. It also improves the overall condition of the coat, making it look shiny and healthy.


    Thoroughly wet your dog with lukewarm water. Massage the shampoo into the coat before rinsing it off with fresh, lukewarm water.


    • Specially developed for dogs with a curly coat
    • Enriched with conditioners, oatmeal and Shea butter to easily remove knots and tangles
    • Removes dirt from the coat thanks to its deep cleaning effect
    • 100% vegan
    • Easy to rinse



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