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Animonda Milkies

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  • Product Description

    Animonda Milkies

    Animonda Milkies is a food supplement for adult cats. Milkies can be given as a snack, a topping over food or added to drinking water. Milkies from Animonda are easily digestible and low in gluten. These snacks contain no added flavourings, colourings or preservatives. There are different flavours available, which your cat will surely love! Our 'Balance' variant contians Omega-3, to help support your cat's mobility and 'Harmony' reduces the formation of hairballs. 'Active' is rich in Taurine and Zinc has been added to the 'Beauty' variant. 

    For every 3 to 5 kg of body weight, give 1 to 3 cups per day.


    20 cups per pack (15 grams per cup).


    • Active (with taurine)
    • Balance (with Vitamins D and E)
    • Harmony (with malt)
    • Beauty (with zinc)

    To try all 4 flavours, you can choose the Selection variant.

    Feel like a bit more variation? Then the Variety variant is perfect! With the flavours Power, Happy, Passion, and Avonture.


    • Active: milk, dairy products, cereals (0.1% malt) and fruit (0.1%).
    • Balance: milk, dairy products and green tea (1%).
    • Harmony: milk, dairy products, cereals (0.1% malt) and fruit (0.1%).
    • Beauty: milk, dairy products and fruit (0.1%).
    • Variety:
      - Power: milk, milk products, vegetables (0.05% beetroot).
      - Happy: milk, milk products, vegetables (0.09% carrots).
      - Passion: milk, milk products, fruit (0.12% pineapple).
      - Avonture: milk, milk products, fruit (0.09% cranberries)

    Analytical information

    6% protein, 7.5% fat, 0.2% crude fibre, crude ash 1.5% and moisture 76%.

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Animonda Milkies reviews
  • Satisfied customer. Satisfied cat
    By Rose, Friday 14 June 2024

    Kept updated by the seller . Cat loves these milks . Highly recommended.

  • Animonda Milkies
    By Diana Drew, Wednesday 12 June 2024

    I have 12 cats and they all love these milky treats so I always ensure I have plenty of them in my cupboard.

  • Great product in convenient size
    By Hanvaland, Wednesday 5 June 2024

    Bought these for my cat to see if he likes them , and boy does he love them. He can’t get enough of them and devours one in an instance. Really glad I bought them as he gets his moisture from wet food and these.

  • Best cat milk
    By Sally Rose, Tuesday 28 May 2024

    This is the only milk my older cat likes, I like that it is in different flavours and in small individual portions, so no waste! It is expensive, but worth it, at least it means that she drinks plenty! Highly recommended , paws up from my girl !

  • My Cat loves them
    By Hanvaland, Monday 6 May 2024

    Bought these as a blind buy, hoping my Cat would like them, and reduce waste of larger Cat Milk that I open & he has but never finishes from being refrigerated, with these it’s gone in one sitting and no waste