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Animonda Rafiné Soupé Adult

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    This product is no longer available. You can find a suitable alternative here.

    Animonda Rafiné Soupé Adult

    Animonda Rafiné Soupé Adult is a wet food for adult cats, with tasty chunks in sauce.

    The meat chunks are served in individual portions and contain no sugar, soy, artificial colourings or preservatives.


    Turkey, veal and cheese: Meat and animal derivatives (20% turkey, 10% veal), milk and dairy products (4% cheese), vegetable products, minerals.

    Poultry, Rabbit & Ham: Meat and animal derivatives (20% poultry, 10% rabbit, 4% ham), vegetable products, minerals.

    Chicken, Duck & Noodles: Meat and animal derivatives (20% chicken, 10% duck), cereals (4% noodles), vegetable products, minerals.

    Beef, Goose & Mortadella: Meat and animal derivatives (8% beef, 8% goose, 8% mortadella), vegetable products, minerals.

    Poultry in Cream Sauce: Meat and animal derivatives (15% poultry), milk and dairy products (1% cream), grains and minerals.

    Veal in Gravy: Meat and animal derivatives (8% veal), vegetable products, minerals.

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