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Just Natural Pet Food

Is your dog a true adventurer that loves to spend his day outside in the forest? Feed your loyal companion Antelope! The food from Antelope stays close to nature and brings your dog ‘Back to the Roots’. Suitable for both puppies and adult dogs of all breeds.


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Fresh Meat

Dogs are natural carnivores. Which is why the food from Antelope contains high-quality fresh meat. Giving Antelope means giving your dog a tasty and balanced meal.


Grains don’t belong in a dog’s natural diet and dogs may have difficulties digesting them. Antelope’s food doesn’t contain any grains, but only ingredients that promote a balanced energy supply!

Natural ingredients

Antelope loves active and outdoor lifestyles, which is why their food is made with fresh and natural ingredients, like vegetables, fruits and herbs.


The food contains salmon oil and prebiotics for a healthy skin, coat and gut.


The food from Antelope only has one protein source, making it especially suitable for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities.