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Anthelmex (Forte)

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    Due to a lipid coating of praziquantel and added flavouring, Anthelmex chewable tablets are more palatable to dogs. In dogs weighing more than 30 kg, it is recommended that you give them Anthlemex Forte.


    Anthelmex 1 chewable tablet per 10 kg of body weight, administered orally. Suitable for dogs weighing 2.5 kg or more. In dogs weighing more than 30 kg, it is recommended to give Anthlemex Forte.

    Recommended dosage of Anthelmex
    Body weight Number of Chewable Tablets
    2.5 kg ¼
    5 kg ½
    10 kg 1
    15 kg 1 ½
    20kg 2
    25kg 2 ½
    30 kg 3

    Anthelmex Forte 1 chewable tablet per 35 kg body weight, administered orally. Suitable for dogs with a minimum weight of 17.5 kg.

    Recommended dosage of Anthelmex Forte
    Body weight Number of Chewable Tablets
    17.5 kg ½
    17.5 - 35 kg 1
    35 - 52.5 kg 1 ½
    52.5 - 70 kg 2


    The chewable tablets can be administered directly to the dog or added to food. No starvation, before or after treatment, is necessary.


    • 1 Anthelmex chewable tablet contains 150 mg Febantel, 144 mg Pyrantelembonate and 50 mg Praziquantel
    • 1 Anthelmex Forte chewable tablet contains 525 mg Febantel, 504 mg Pyrantelembonate and 175 mg Praziquantel.

    This product is delivered to us in a large package and we use to fill multiple orders. Therefore, you will be sent loose tablets instead of the original box.

    Please note

    These products are purchased in large quantities and shipped per order. Consequently, the products in the orders are shipped without the original packaging and leaflet. For the dosage, administration and other relevant information, please visit the relevant product page. For further questions please contact our veterinarian over the phone or via the contact form

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