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Applaws Cat - Toppers

This product is no longer available.

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  • Product Description

    Applaws Cat - Toppers

    You can treat your cat to the Toppers from Applaws! These delicious soups are a tasty addition to your cat's daily food. You simply pour the soup over your cat's dry food. The Toppers are packed with tasty and natural ingredients and are available in three different flavours. This way you can surprise your cat with a different flavour every once in a while.

    Key features

    • Delicious soups from Applaws for cats, packed with tasty ingredients
    • As a delicious supplement to the dry food
    • Available in three different flavours
    • From natural ingredients


    • Sea bream and tuna
    • Salmon and sea bream
    • Chicken


    3 x 40g


    • Toppers - Sea bream & Tuna: sea bream 20%, pumpkin 4.5%, smoked tuna 2.5% and vegetable thickener.
    • Toppers - Salmon & sea bream: salmon 12.5%, sea bream 10%, pumpkin 4.5% and vegetable thickener.
    • Toppers - Chicken in Chicken: chicken fillet 20%, vegetable thickener and chicken stock.

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