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Aqua Coolkeeper cooling collar

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  • Product Description

    Dog Cooling Collar

    Dogs have virtually no sweat glands. That means that they can only try to regulate body temperature through panting or by sweating through their paw pads. Dogs can only lose a small amount of excess body heat this way. Because of this, dogs are more likely to overheat or experience a heat stroke. This could eventually lead to permanent damage to organs, a coma, or in severe cases even death. A dog cooling collar can help your dog to cool down. A cooling collar for dogs are a great solution to protect your dog from the heat. 

    Key features

    Put your Aqua Coolkeeper in water and the specially developed HydroQuartz inside is activated, becoming a highly-effective active cooling gel. This HydroQuartz gel absorbs your dog's body heat and loses it through evaporation. This means that immediate and continuous cooling is possible. Although the collar itself has been immersed in water, it will feel completely dry an hour after soaking. The activated collar cools the neck of the animal and thus also the arteries which lie just beneath the surface of the skin. Blood flowing through these arteries is, in this way, also cooled. This cooled blood flows through the body and cools the dog down. It is, in short, the same effect as keeping your wrists under cold running water for rapid cooling! The Aqua CoolKeeper is available in three colours: blue, roses and Scottish grey.

    The Aqua Coolkeeper Collar keeps your dog cool:

    • In warm weather
    • During a journey
    • During sports and games
    • During outdoor activities

    It gives relief from:

    • Heat stress
    • Heightened body temperature
    • Distress due to heat stress


    Put the Aqua Coolkeeper in cold water, and within a few minutes you'll be able to cool down your dog. After immersion in water, the collar's cooling function is effective for a maximum of five days (the actual duration may be influenced by circumstances). You can use your CoolKeeper over and over again.

    The Aqua Coolkeeper Collar is available in ten different sizes.

    The sizes of the cooling collars have recently undergone some changes. As a result, the collars can be larger. When the collar is put into water, it will shrink slightly. The sizes in the table below are based on the size of the collar when it is filled with water.

    It's important to know how to measure your pet properly to ensure that you purchase the right size. In the article 'How to determine the right size for my pet' you can figure out which size you can buy for your pet.

    Sizes Neck circumference Collar width
    Size XXS 14 - 16 cm 2 cm width
    Size XS 16 - 19 cm 2.5 cm width
    Size XS+ 20 - 24 cm 2.5 cm width
    Size S 25 - 29 cm 3.5 cm width
    Size M 30 - 34 cm 4 cm width
    Size L 35 - 45 cm 6 cm width
    Size XL 46 - 53 cm 7 cm width
    Size XXL 54 - 61 cm 8.5 cm width
    Size XXXL 62 - 72 cm 9 cm width
    Size XXXXL 73 - 81 cm 10 cm width


    Immersion time

    Please note: Each Aqua Coolkeeper Collar has its own maximum immersion time, and a maximum thickness that can be achieved in water. Do not exceed these limits, because then there is a risk that the HydroQuartz crystals may seep through the seams. The Aqua Coolkeeper Collar size XXS/XS+ has a maximum immersion time of 30 seconds. The S/4XL collar has a maximum immersion time of 15 minutes. [p]After immersion (and, optionally, drying) the product will not be ice-cold to the touch because that would be very unpleasant for your animal (as it would be for humans). The gel will be cool enough to draw off excess heat from the dog, which will then be dispersed through evaporation. The product can be placed in the fridge if further cooling is desired. However, we strongly advise that you take the product from the refrigerator once it is cooled and, before use, ensure that your animal is comfortable with its temperature.

    Although the collar soaks up water, it will feel dry after soaking. The Coolkeeper collar itself will not feel wet.[/p]

    What if my Aqua Coolkeeper Collar doesn't fit?

    The Aqua Coolkeeper Collar can be removed from the packaging and held up next to the dog in order to check whether the collar fits. For hygiene reasons, the collar cannot be returned if it has come into contact with the dog. If we find that the returned collar is stained, worn, contains animal hair, smells or has been washed after use, we cannot return the product to you. In this event, it will be donated to a charity (local shelter). As we are often confronted with Aqua Coolkeeper Collars that are returned in a less than new condition, we have to apply these rules for fitting and/or returning products.

    Please note: After you have submerged the Aqua Coolkeeper in the water for the first time, you may notice small gel particles appearing along the seams. This is not a manufacturing defect of your Aqua Coolkeeper product. The product may push out small pieces of the cooling crystals that are hiding in the seams. If you see any of these gel particles on your product after soaking, simply wipe it off with a towel. This can occur after the first or second immersion. Once the gel particles are wiped off, they don't come back. The gel is 100% non-toxic.

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Aqua Coolkeeper cooling collar reviews
  • Good
    By Annabel, Friday 24 June 2022

    Really great for my hairy black dog. So good that it works for hours.

  • Works very well
    By Jacqueline Taylor , Sunday 12 July 2020

    Our Labrador is very happy to wear this and he's quite fussy! Hopefully it cools him down in the heat and he seemed very comfortable - no panting.

  • Doesn't work
    By Emma, Friday 12 June 2020

    Collar doesn't wor at all - followed directions and is only somewhat cool for as long as it is wet, which on a hot day is not very long as dries out quickly. A damp tea towel works better than this!

    Answer from Medpets

    Dear Ms Emma, Thank you for your review. We're sorry to read that the Aqua Coolkeeper Cooling Collar doesn't work properly. If you haven't tried already, it could help to put the collar in a bowl of cold before placing it in the fridge for a while. This way the collar should be able to cool down your dog for a longer period. Kind regards, Team Vetsend

  • Excellent
    By Chris Jarvis, Wednesday 13 May 2020

    Does what it says on the tin ! Recommended by our dog groomer for our elderly Old English Sheepdog who was wilting when the weather was warm Does seem to have made a difference and has probably allowed him to transfer heat by conduction and reduce his core temperature Not measured but probably corrrect

  • Keeping cool
    By Wendy Slack, Sunday 18 August 2019

    Great collar for warm days when a cool coat may not be needed. Once prepared keeps cool for several days without resoaking and is easily put on and removed between dog activities such as agility.