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Auricidum Acid Ear Drops

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  • Product Description

    Auricidum acid ear drop

    Auricidum is an acid ear drop containing acetic acid and propylene glycol. The drops make your dog's or cat's ear unattractive to unwanted micro-organisms. Auricidum has a practical dropper bottle, allowing you to easily apply the drops in the ear.


    • Acidic ear drops based on acetic acid and propylene glycol
    • Makes the environment in the external ear canal unfavourable to micro-organisms
    • With a practical dropper bottle
    • Suitable for dogs and cats


    You bring the drops to room temperature before administration, for example by warming the bottle in your hand. After administering, keep a hand on the ear for 2 minutes so that the drops are well distributed in the ear canal. After this, it doesn't matter if your dog or cat shakes its head.

    Caution: do not massage the ear and do not use this product if the eardrum is not intact.


    Auricidum has a dropper bottle, making it easy to administer the drops. The dosage is 3 times a day 3 to 5 drops (depending on the size of your pet) in the ear to be treated.

    Shelf life

    You store Auricidum, unopened, in a refrigerator (2-8 ºC) for a shelf life of 24 months from the production date. If you store the drop below 25 ºC, the shelf life is 12 months from the production date. After opening, the product has a shelf life of only 6 months.


    20 ml dropper bottle

    Active components

    Contains: acetic acid, propylene glycol.

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