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Bach Mustard

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    Each Bach Remedy treats a specific negative emotion. You can combine one or more, depending on the mood of your pet. In case of acute stress or tension, use Bach Rescue Pets Spray, which combines several Bach Flower Remedies. The remedies promote balance in body and mind for everyday emotions, contributing to the animal's emotional and physical wellbeing.


    Dr. Edward Bach studied behaviour, and especially the moods and emotions of people, dividing them into seven groups:

    • Anxiety
    • Uncertainty
    • Insufficient interest in the here and now
    • Loneliness
    • Hypersensitivity
    • Despair, resignation, depression
    • Overly concerned for the welfare of others


    Put 2 drops of the product in a mixing bottle (30ml) with some mineral water. Administer 4 drops a day for 4 days in you pet's mouth. Use more drops if your pet needs it.

    In case your pet is reluctant to ingest the product, you can put a couple of drops on a warm spoon to let the alcohol vaporise.

    This product is sourced from a genuine veterinary wholesaler in the EU. Because of this, this item may be delivered in French or German packaging. Please consult the information above with regards to the administration and dosage of this product.

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