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Bay-o-Pet Chew Strips

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  • Product Description

    Bay-o-Pet Dental Care Chew Strips are a tasty snack that help to prevent tartar.

    Food particles left in the mouth after eating can cause bad breath and plaque. Plaque can lead to tartar on the dog's teeth. In severe cases, plaque can cause gum inflammation and lead to tooth loss. Chewing on the Chew Strips cleans the teeth and the gums. This helps to prevent periodontitis and tartar. The strips are coated with seaweed, which provides vitamins and minerals. Bay-o-Pet Dental Care Chew Strips are also rich in milk protein and amino acids.

    Key features:

    • Contributes to dental care.
    • Helps to prevent tartar, protects against periodontal disease and tooth decay.
    • Helps strengthen teeth and jaw muscles.
    • Contains high-quality vitamins, trace elements and minerals in nutrient-rich seaweed.
    • Freshens breath.


    In addition to the daily diet, give one chew strip after the last meal of the day.


    Animal products: meat, dairy products. Of vegetable origin: algae

    • Crude protein: 72 %
    • Crude fat: 3 %
    • Crude fibre: 1.5 %
    • Crude ash: 2.1 %

    The Bay-o-Pet® Dental Care Chew Strips are gluten-free and, therefore, suitable for dogs with allergies.

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