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Beaphar Anti-Mange

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    Beaphar Anti-Mange

    Veterinary medication: exempt from registration. For non-commercially held rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and rats. Beaphar Anti-Mange is an effective product for combating scabies.

    Mite infection (mange)

    Mange is highly contagious. The infection occurs when the immune system is weakened and resistance is lower. The risk is increased by high temperatures, poor ventilation, unsanitary conditions and nutritional deficiencies. The first sign of an infection is reddening of the skin and severe itching. The skin swells up, and sores or scabs appear around the eyes and ears. These wounds can also become infected, causing further pain to the animal. The animal will eat and drink less, and without proper treatment, the animal dies a painful death.

    Use and dosage

    Protect the head of the animal when using this product. Spray from a 30 cm distance from the back to front. Spray against the grain of the air, so that the liquid will reach the skin.

    • Adult guinea pigs: 2-3 spray mists (± 2-3 ml)
    • Young guinea pigs (4-9 weeks) and rats: 1 spray mist (± 1 ml)
    • Rabbits older than 4 weeks: 2 spray mists (± 2 ml) per kg of bodyweight

    Repeat treatment after 1 week. Treat affected areas on the heat with soaked cotton wool. Prevent the spray from getting into the mouth, eyes or nose.

    Advice: separate sick animals and treat all rodents to prevent recontamination. Remove the bedding and clean the enclosure with plenty of soap and water. Ensure proper nutrition, hygiene and housing to prevent any recurrence.

    Please note: read instructions before use.

    Active ingedient: ivermectin 0.02%.

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