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Beaphar Anti Parasite Spray

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  • Product Description

    Beaphar Anti Parasite Spray

    Anti Parasite Spray by Beaphar helps combat parasites such as mites and lice in birds; fleas and lice in rodents and rabbits. This product contains the active ingredient Permethrin.

    Key Features

    • Combats lice, fleas and mites
    • Has an immediate effect
    • Effective for two weeks at a time

    Use and dosage

    Ensure good ventilation during and after treatment. Shake well before use and preferably use a (plastic) glove to hold your pet.

    Birds: Hold the bird in your hand and spray it for a short length of time, from a distance of approx. 25 to 30 cm. Begin at the tail and spray against the direction of the feathers. Always spray only onto feathers and not onto the head or bare skin. Treat the head as follows: spray the liquid onto a cloth or glove and rub this over the head feathers. Treat all birds in the case of an infestation. Remove bathing water after treatment.

    Rabbits, rodents and ferrets: Push back the hair to ensure that the spray spreads between the hairs and spray against the hair direction. Let it soak in for one minute and then comb through the fur. Spray small animals such as guinea pigs two to three times, spray large rabbits and ferrets three to five times. Treat the animal every two weeks as long as parasites are present.

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