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Beaphar Care+ Ferret

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    Beaphar Care+ Ferret

    Beaphar Care+ Ferret is a tasty premium pet food for ferrets. Care+ pellets are created through an "extrusion" (heating) process to facilitate the digestion of proteins for ferrets. It is specially composed with ingredients that meet a ferret's nutritional needs, with suitable amounts of meat, Vitamin E for the body's cells and taurine, which is essential for ferrets. They further comply with a ferret's natural feeding patterns. Each pellet has the same composition of essential nutrients, to prevent selective feeding.


    Meat and animal by-products (Freshly prepared chicken 15%, turkey meal 12%, poultry meal 26%), vegetable by-products (Yucca Schidigera 0.02%, FOS 0.02%), oils and fats, extracts of vegetable protein, fish and by-products, yeast (MOS 0.09%)

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