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Beaphar Flea Shampoo

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    Beaphar Flea Shampoo for Dogs

    Beaphar Flea Shampoo for Dogs is particularly suitable for short haired dogs and works in two ways:

    • Knock Down effect: when washing your dog with Beaphar Flea Shampoo for Dogs the permethrin kills the fleas as soon as they come into contact with it.
    • Residue effect: after washing your dog with Beaphar Flea Shampoo for Dogs, the active substance (permethrin) remains effective for approximately one to two weeks.


    • Less than 5 kg: 50ml per animal
    • Between 5 and 10 kg: 100ml per animal


    Use (disposable) gloves to lather shampoo onto your dog's wet coat, using the aforementioned dosage. Wash the entire body, but be careful to avoid the eyes, nose and mouth. Massage into the coat for two minutes and let soak for at least five. Rinse well and rub the coat dry.

    Please note: Do not repeat treatment with this shampoo within two weeks. Prevent dogs from licking themselves during washing.

    Optimal Effect

    The anti-flea effect lasts for one to two weeks, making the shampoo solely suited for use during an actual flea infestation. It is recommended to treat the animal with a flea treatment for effective flea control.

    All of our products are sourced from genuine veterinary wholesalers in the Netherlands. Because of this, some items may be delivered in Dutch packaging.


    Please note:The flea shampoo of Beaphar 100ml can be used for both dogs and cats, the 200ml shampoo is only suitable for dogs.

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