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Beaphar Hedgehog Food

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  • Product Description

    Please note: This product is being renewed. The composition of Beaphar Hedgehog Food has been optimised to meet the nutritional requirements of hedgehogs even better. The most important change has been made in the lowered fat level and increased protein level. The protein source in this food comes from chicken and insects. Fruit has been removed to help prevent dental problems. Because of the changes in the composition, the food is not as red as it used to be.

    Beaphar Hedgehog Food

    Beaphar Hedgehog Food is a natural food for hedgehogs that live in your garden. The complete hedgehog food consists of versatile and valuable raw materials that contribute to a good health in hedgehogs. Beaphar Hedgehog Food contains oils and fats, vegetable ingredients, seeds, nuts, cereals and crustaceans and molluscs.

    Feeding hedgehogs

    Give 2 to 4 spoons of Beaphar Hedgehog Food as a main meal every evening. You can also add some meat such as cooked beef or veal. Hard boiled eggs are also well liked by hedgehogs. Make sure that the food leftovers are removed every morning.

    Please note: Never give milk to hedgehogs, but do provide fresh water every day.


    Meat and animal derivatives, bakery products, cereals, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, insects (8%), seeds, sugars, nuts, yeast, vegetable by-products.

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