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Beaphar RabbitComfort Diffuser

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    Beaphar RabbitComfort Diffuser

    RabbitComfort from Beaphar helps rabbits to feel at ease. The vapour released mimics the mother's pheromones and puts your rabbit at ease. This way, your rabbit experiences the environment as a pleasant and safe place. In this way, undesired behaviour such as hiding, refusal to eat and aggression towards people or other rabbits can be prevented. This product is also very suitable when your rabbit has to deal with an unfamiliar situation, such as a new owner, new housing or meeting new rabbits (pairing).


    • Helps prevent undesirable behaviour, such as hiding and aggression towards people or mates
    • Suitable for use when your rabbit needs to get used to an unfamiliar situation or environment
    • Beneficial effect on potty training
    • For a reassuring effect
    • Mimics maternal pheromones
    • Suitable for rabbits of all ages and breeds


    Turn the cap of the refill. Then, with a twisting motion, place the refill in the pheromone diffuser and plug it in the wall. It is suitable for one room of up to 70 m2. One 48 ml bottle is effective for 30 days. The starter kit contains a diffuser and a refill, which is also effective for 1 month. The diffuser plug in can be reused. When the cartridge is empty, you can buy the Beaphar RabbitComfort Refill. Replace the diffuser plug in every 6 months.

    RabbitComfort is also available as a spray: Beaphar RabbitComfort Calming Spray

    Please note: the diffuser can only be used in a 230 V socket. Do not use with an extension lead with multiple contacts, an adapter or a converter. Keep out of reach of children. The device has hot surfaces to vaporize the active ingredients, these should not be touched during use. Do not place the diffuser under another electrical appliance, under or near furniture or under an object protruding from the wall. The minimum distance above the diffuser is 1.20 metres. Do not immerse the vaporiser in water or connect it upside down.


    Starter kit: vaporiser and refill (48 ml)


    Analogue of rabbit reassuring pheromone 2% Isoparaffinic hydrocarbon q.s.100g.

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