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Beaphar Travel Fit

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  • Product Description

    Please note: this product is being renewed. The product will get a new packaging. The composition of the product will not change.

    Travel sickness

    Some dogs and cats get along fine in the car, plane or boat and have no problems. However, there are also animals that, after travelling just a short distance, become restless and distressed because they suffer from motion sickness. Travelling disturbs their vestibular system and affects their balance (difference between perceived and actual movements) and the symptoms include: nausea,vomiting, salivating, restlessness and agitation.

    How it works:

    Beaphar Travel Fit blocks the signals in the brain that cause the feeling of sickness and the need to vomit, allowing the animal to feel more comfortable during the journey.

    Beaphar Travel Fit contains 4 mg per tablet of the active ingredient cyclizine hydrochloride. To ensure easy and comfortable travel for your pet, administer Beaphar Travel Fit half an hour before departure.

    Do not use in:

    • Dogs and cats lighter than 2.5 kg.
    • Dogs and cats with epilepsy or lack of coordination
    • Animals with a medical condition, except after consultation with the attending veterinarian.


      Administer 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight.
    • 30 minutes before departure and repeat after 6 hours if necessary.
    • Do not administer more than 3 times per day.

    Packaging contains 10 tablets.

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