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Beaphar Vitamin B Complex

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  • Product Description

    Beaphar Vitamin B Complex

    Beaphar Vitamin B is a food supplement for dogs, cats, pigeons and rodents. Vitamin B deficiency can cause coat problems, nervousness and lethargy. Vitamin B Complex ensures a healthy coat, and proper function of the nervous system and metabolism. In addition, Vitamin B Complex may also be provided during and after administration of medication or antibiotics.

    In birds, vitamin B promotes feathering and increases resistance, so is particularly recommended before, during and after the moulting period.

    Key features

    • Complementary feeding
    • Supports the coat, nervous system and metabolism
    • May be given during and after administration of medications or antibiotics

    Suitable for

    Dogs, cats, pigeons and rodents


    Mix the dosage of drops into the food. See the schedule below for the daily dosage:

    Animal type Amount of drops
    Cat (0.50 - 2.50 kg) 15 drops
    Cat (2.50 - 5.00 kg) 22 drops
    Cat (5.00 - 9.00 kg) 33 drops
    Dog (less than 2.5 kg) 3 drops
    Dog (2.5 - 5 kg) 7 drops
    Dog (5 - 10 kg) 11 drops
    Dog - (10 - 30 kg) 22 drops
    Dog (30 - 80 kg) 44 drops
    Bird (less than 0.045 kg) 2 drops
    Bird (0.045 - 0.08 kg) 3 drops
    Bird (0.08 - 0.15 kg) 5 drops
    Bird (0.15 - 0.3 kg) 7 drops
    Bird (0.3 - 0.6 kg) 12 drops
    Bird (0.6 - 1.8 kg) 18 drops
    Mouse (0.03 kg) 1 drop
    Rat (0.35 kg) 10 drops
    Hamster (0.14 kg) 6 drops
    Guinea Pig (0.85 kg) 17 drops
    Rabbit (3.5 kg) 25 drops

    Recommendation: administer double doses during treatment with medication or antibiotics or in case of poor condition for 7 days.


    50 ml


    Sugar, grains


    Crude protein 1.1%, crude fibre 0.0%, crude fat 0.0005%, crude ash 1.0%, moisture 96%, calcium 0.024%, phosphorus 0.31%, potassium 0.0046%


    Per kg: Vit. B1 260 mg, Vit. B2 730 mg, Vit. B3 6000 mg, Vit. B5 2500 mg, Vit. B6 360 mg, Vit. B8 7200 µg, Vit. B12 7100 µg.

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Beaphar Vitamin B Complex reviews
  • Best vitamin B Complex
    By Annie Jackson, Friday 21 April 2023

    Since giving this Vitamin B Complex to my two collies their skin, coats and the temperament of the youngest one have improved a lot. I particularly like the fact that it is a liquid as all of the tablets I looked at had fillers and other things I couldn’t recognise. The only downside is that the bottle doesn’t have a ‘dropper’ in the neck of the bottle which makes it harder to give the correct dose.

  • B complex for dogs
    By Ann Jackson, Thursday 16 February 2023

    After much searching this B complex for dogs is the only I could find that is all natural, no nasty additives. Very pleased with the results of adding this to both my dogs breakfast. Being a liquid it is very easy to administer, just add to their food.

  • All Good
    By Lea, Thursday 28 May 2020

    I bought this 2nd time. I stir it into cats purina soup and they eat it alright. I am not sure if it works, I bought it as vitamins supplements for cats. Cats did not get any side effects.

  • Vitamin B1 deficiency
    By Helen, Tuesday 2 July 2019

    I bought this B Complex for an elderly cat who has been having fits. Epilepsy medication has not had any effect other than to make my cat extremely drowsy. I read a book by a homoeopathic vet which suggested B1 deficiency might be implicated. Being a fussy eater my cat is not keen on the taste of these drops (they are quite sharp - I tried them!) so I have been giving him a lower than recommended dose hidden in food. It would be helpful if the drops were more palatable to cats. He has not had any fits since being on them but it is probably too early to say if they are having an effect.