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Beeztees Chicken Swing

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    Beeztees Chicken Swing

    With the Beeztees Chicken Swing, chickens can enjoy rocking back and forth in their coop or chicken run. This is a fun activity for your chickens

    The Beeztees Chicken Swing is a fun addition to the chicken coop. The swing allows the chickens to enjoy swinging and playing. The swing is easy to attach using the rope provided. This rope is 2 metres long so you can decide how high you want to hang the swing. Because of the length of the rope, the swing can be placed almost anywhere. A chicken swing is a fun toy for chickens that they will enjoy. Chickens like to sit on a branch and now they can do so with this swing. The advantage is that they can now swing back and forth nicely. Over time, the swing can get dirty from frequent use in the henhouse. You can then easily clean the swing by putting it in the dishwasher on the eco setting. You can take the swing apart and wash the separate parts. You can also detach the rope from the swing and adjust it yourself. This allows you to hang the swing in different places and adjust it to the right height. You can hang the swing from a beam or a branch so the chickens can enjoy it freely.

    The Beeztees Chicken Swing is not only fun chicken toys for your chickens, but also ecologically responsible. This is because the swing is made of 100% recycled plastic derived from about 42 drinking cartons. The paper fibres from these drinks cartons were reused in the manufacture of boxes and toilet paper, among other things. In this ECO-friendly way, used drinking cartons are saved from the incinerator and reused to make new products. The rope provided is made from recycled PET bottles

    The chicken swing comes in a number of individual parts that you can easily assemble yourself. Hanging the swing is also easy using the rope. If you have several chickens, you can choose to hang several chicken swings so they can all swing at the same time


    • Dishwasher-safe on eco setting
    • Includes stabiliser
    • Includes included rope made from recycled PET bottles
    • Includes 2 x 2 metres of rope


    40 x 5 x 30 cm

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