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Beeztees Parinca Premium Collar

This product is no longer available.

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  • Product Description

    Beeztees Parinca Premium Collar

    Looking for a collar that can handle anything? The Beeztees Parinca Premium Collar is lined with neoprene which is breathable and weatherproof. Neoprene also dries quickly. Right next to the buckle is a ring to which you can attach a leash. Because of this spot, there is no immediate pressure on your dog's neck when he pulls the leash. This also prevents tears in the collar. Due to the special lock, the snap closure cannot open unintentionally.


    • Neoprene-lined
    • With special lock
    • Weatherproof


  • 30-35cm x 20
  • 35-40cm x 20
  • 40-45cm x 20
  • 45-50cm x 25
  • 50-55cm x 25
  • 55-60cm x 30
  • 60-65cm x 30
  • Colour

    Red or black

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