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Bia Outdoor Bed Cover

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  • Product Description

    Bia Outdoor Bed Cover

    The Bia Outdoor Cover transforms the Bia Bed into an outdoor bed. The cover is made of Dry Comfort XT, a special fabric with a high-tech coating technique. The cover is water-repellent, waterproof, breathable and easy to clean and maintain. The underside is also covered with the Dry Comfort XT fabric, making the bed resistant to rising damp. This Outdoor Cover makes the Bia Bed extremely suitable to use outdoors - you can even leave the bed outside all year round.


    The Bia Outdoor Cover is easy to brush off. You can clean the cover with water and green soap, but don't use any other cleaning products. The cover can be machine washed on a synthetic programme at 40°C. To keep the cover water-repellent you need to dry it at a high temperature. If you don't have a dryer, it can also be ironed to maintain its water-repellent function. This way the cover doesn't need to be impregnated.

    Key features

    • Outdoor cover for the Bia Bed
    • Made of Dry Comfort XT
    • Water-repellent and waterproof
    • Easy maintenance
    • Resistant to rising damp
    • Extremely suitable for outdoor use
    • Machine washable at 40°C
    • Must be in the dryer to maintain wet repellent function




    The Bia Outdoor Cover is suitable in various sizes.

    Outer size (incl. border) Inner size (excl. border)
    45 x 45 x 12cm 30 x 30cm
    50 x 60 x 12cm 35 x 45cm
    60 x 70 x 15cm 45 x 55cm
    70 x 85 x 15cm 55 x 70cm
    80 x 100 x 15cm 65 x 85cm
    100 x 120 x 15cm 85 x 105cm

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