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Biofood Sheep Fat

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    Biofood Sheep Fat

    Biofood Sheep Fat is a delicious supplement to your dog's daily food. This supplement is suitable for all dog breeds and ages, allowing the sheep fat to support the coat, skin, resistance and the digestive process. The vision, airways, bone structure and healthy skin are also supported. This nutritional supplement is also suitable for dogs that are sensitive to certain nutrients. Biofood has 4 variants, each with their own added ingredient. It comes in garlic, seaweed, tripe and salmon flavours. The addition of garlic can help get rid of unwanted micro-organism. The garlic also reduces cholesterol and blood pressure. The tripe contains important bacteria and enzymes that contribute to a healthy intestinal flora. The salmon contains the well-known Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids support the skin, heart, blood vessels and coat.


    • Garlic - 40 Snacks- 265 grams - Sheep Fat (95%), garlic (5%)
    • Garlic - 80 Mini Snacks - 265 grams - Sheep Fat (95%), garlic (5%)
    • Seaweed- 40 Snacks - 265 grams - Sheep Fat (95%), seaweed (5%)
    • Tripe - 40 Snacks - 265 grams - Sheep Fat (95%), tripe (5%)
    • Salmon - 40 Snacks - 265 grams - Sunflower Oil, salmon oil (30%), sheep fat (20%), glucose
    • Suppleness - 40 Snacks - 265 grams - Dried Salmon (45%), sheep fat, salmon oil, suppleness (12% of which: 5% chondroitin, 5% glucosamine, 2% natural herbs).


    • Biofood Tripe, Garlic, Seaweed and Salmon 40 snacks: 1-4 bonbons per 20kg per day
    • Biofood Suppleness 40 snacks: 1-3 bonbons per 10 kg (small dog) and per 20kg (large dog) per day
    • Biofood Garlic, Seaweed and Salmon 80 Snacks Mini: 1-4 bonbons per 10kg per day.

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