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Bivo Organic Layer Pellets

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    Bivo Organic Layer Pellets

    Bivo Organic Layer Pellets can be used as a complete animal food for your backyard poultry. The pellets can be fed to chickens, bantam chickens and ornamental poultry. The composition of the laying pellets contains as many organic raw materials as possible. Bivo Organic Layer Pellets for backyard poultry is Skal certified.


    Bivo makes its animal food with as many organic raw materials as possible. This means that no chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used in the cultivation of the ingredients. Various animal foods are available from Bivo, you can find them here.


    15 kilos


    organic layer pellet. organic corn. bio wheat. organic soy flakes. organic barley. organic peas. organic sunflower seed shells. bio oils / fats. premix. minerals. sodium bi carbonate

    Analytical constituents per kg: [/ h3]

    Moisture 100 gr. Crude fat 66.02. gr. Crude protein 149 gr. Crude Fiber 38 gr. Crude Ash 72 gr. Phosphorus 4.69 gr. Sodium 0.75 gr. Dry matter 900 gr. Calcium 17 gr.

    [h3] Additives per kg:

    Nutritional additives: Iodine (E2) 1.20 mg. Selenium (E8) 0.20 mg. Vitamin A (E672) 8001 IE. Vitamin E 20 mg. Vitamin D3 (E671) 2000 IE. Digestible Lysine 5.85 gr.

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