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Bivo Organic Sheep Pellets

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    Bivo Organic Sheep Pellets

    Bivo Sheep Pellets can be used as a complete animal food for your sheep. The pellets contain as many organic raw materials as possible. The sheep pellets are suitable for all sheep breeds. Bivo Organic Sheep Pellets are Skal certified.


    Bivo makes its animal food with as many organic raw materials as possible. When cultivating the raw materials, no fertiliser or pesticides have been used in this product. Bivo offers various types of food. These foods can be found here.




    Barley EKO, Wheat feed EKO, Maize EKO, Soy flakes EKO, Triticale EKO, Rye EKO, Oats EKO, Chalk; Molasses EKO, Fx sheep, Magnesium oxide.

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