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Bonpard Mare & Foal

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  • Product Description

    Bonpard Mare & Foal

    Pregnant and nursing mares and growing foals have different nutritional requirements to other horses. The foal is particularly vulnerable to health problems. These may have arisen before the foal was born. An optimal nutrition for the mare contributes to a good health, high quality colostrum and a good milk production. Bonpard Mare & Foal is fully tailored to the needs of the pregnant or nursing mare and the growing foal.

    Key features

    Bonpard Mare & Foal mainly contains fats as a highly digestible source of energy. The feed has a low starch and sugar content. This, together with roughage, contributes to a healthy and stable intestinal flora. As a result, the mare produce healthier colostrum and milk for the foal. In addition, it contains the nutrients that a growing foal needs up to the age of 1. With Bonpard Mare & Foal, you have the convenience of a single concentrated feed for both the mare and the foal.

    Nutritional requirements of the mare and the foal

    Bonpard Mare & Foal mainly contains fats as a source of energy and has low starch and sugar contents. This reduces the risk of fermentation disorders (colic, loose manure) in the mare and contributes to the production of healthy colostrum and milk for the foal. These low starch and sugar contents are also good for the foal, as it has a lower risk of defects in the articular cartilage (osteochondrosis) and stomach ulcers.

    The Mare & Foal muesli from Bonpard contains high levels of protein, copper, Vitamin E and selenium. In addition, the feed contains the right amino acids. This is important for a good bone, joint and muscle development in the foal and a healthy milk production in the mare. Because the foal does not need a lot of the concentrated feed, it will be stimulated to eat a lot of roughage. This stimulates the bowel development and helps prevent problems with weaning, such as stomach ulcers and bad behaviour in the stable.

    Extra information

    • Weigh the required amount of feed and mark the amount that you need on a feeding scoop.
    • Occasionally weigh the hay or silage.
    • Allow the pregnant mare to get used to the feed for two weeks. You can start using the feed halfway through the seventh month of the mare's pregnancy.
    • Give the feed in at least two daily portions (3 of 4 meals is better). Never give horses more than 2 kg per meal and never give foals more than 1 kg.
    • Use excellent quality hay or silage that feels soft and smells fresh for both the mare and the foal.
    • Shelf life: up to 6 months after the production date (see packaging). Storage conditions: Cool and dry.

    Please note

    Bonpard diet food can only be given following a diagnosis made by your veterinarian.


    Alfalfa, soya pellets, released barley flakes, oatmeal pellets, toasted soya beans, sunflower oil, released maize flakes, oat flakes, wheat bran, wheat meal, dicalcium phosphate, vitamin and mineral premix, molashine, biolys.

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