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Bunny Nature Bedding Cosy

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    Bunny Nature

    Bunny Nature is a German company that was founded out of love for animals. Bunny Nature’s objective is to produce the best food for small mammals that corresponds directly with each animal's nutritional needs based on their natural feeding habits. Besides their wide range of foods, Bunny Nature also offers bedding and interactive toys.

    Bunny Nature Bedding Cosy

    The Bunny Nature Cosy Bedding is a soft bedding for the enclosure of your rabbit or rodent. Cosy is made from natural straw and is very soft for your small animal. The bedding has a high absorbency and helps to reduce unpleasant odours. This bedding is low in dust, so it is also suitable for animals (and owners) with sensitive respiratory systems.


    60 litres.

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