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Bunny Nature Enjoy Nature Favourite Pieces

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    Bunny Nature

    Bunny Nature is a German company that was founded out of love for animals. Bunny Nature’s objective is to produce the best food for small mammals that corresponds directly with each animal's nutritional needs based on their natural feeding habits. Besides their wide range of foods, Bunny Nature also offers bedding and interactive toys.

    Bunny Nature Enjoy Nature Favourite Pieces

    Treat your rabbit or rodent with the Bunny Nature Enjoy Nature Favourite Pieces. These crunchy treats are not only perfect as a little extra, they are super tasty too! The Pieces do not contain any artificial colourings, scents or flavours, nor any adhesives or sugar; it’s all natural. This tasty treat is available in two varieties: with vegetables or with herbs. You can give your animal up to 3 pieces a week, depending of the size and weight of your animal.


    65 gram


    with Herbs: Carrots, parsnips, peppermint leaves, thyme, carob flour, cornflower blossoms, marigold blossoms (herbs 30%). with Vegetables: Parsnips, carrots, beetroot, thyme, ribwort, dandelion herb, carob flour (vegetables 75%).

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