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Bunny Nature Gerbil Dream Expert

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    Bunny Nature

    Bunny Nature is a German company that was founded out of love for animals. Bunny Nature’s objective is to produce the best food for small mammals that corresponds directly with each animal's nutritional needs based on their natural feeding habits. Besides their wide range of foods, Bunny Nature also offers bedding and interactive toys.

    Bunny Nature Gerbil Dream Expert

    Bunny Nature Gerbil Dream Expert is a complete and natural food for your gerbil. This food is formulated specifically to correspond to the nutritional needs of your small rodent and does not contain pellets. Gerbil Dream Expert contains various ingredients from the original habitat of the animal, such as different types of millet and dari. This food also contains VitalPlus Granivore. This is a special mixture of vitamins and trace elements corresponding to the needs of gerbils. Quinoa, amaranth and mung beans provide the necessary energy and dandelion, ribwort, mealworms and crickets complete the food. This food can be given in unlimited amounts to the animal, because it contains balanced levels of nutrients.

    Key Benefits

    • Complete food for your gerbil
    • Without pellets
    • With grains, herbs, crickets and mealworms
    • Can be given in unlimited amounts


    Available in bags of 500 grams.


    Plata millet, canary seed, pea flakes, spelt flakes, quinoa seeds (6%), kamut, mung beans (5%), silver millet, oats, red millet, dari, lucerne, dandelion leaves (3%), amaranth puffed (2,5%), carrots, parsnips, chicory root, sesame, ribwort (1%), oat flakes, calcium carbonate, beetroot, meal worms (1%), camomile blossoms, crickets (0,2%), semolina bran.

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