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Bunny Nature Guinea Pig Dream Basic

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  • Product Description

    Bunny Nature

    Bunny Nature is a German company that was founded out of love for animals. Bunny Nature’s objective is to produce the best food for small mammals that corresponds directly with each animal's nutritional needs based on their natural feeding habits. Besides their wide range of foods, Bunny Nature also offers bedding and interactive toys.

    Bunny Nature Guinea Pig Dream Basic

    Bunny Nature Guinea Pig Dream Basic is a complete and natural food for your guinea pig and is suitable for animals from the age of 5 months. This natural food is rich in fibres and is made from 42 different grasses and plants from natural meadows. The food also contains ingredients a guinea pig would eat in the wild: quinoa, amaranth, chokeberries and maca. The pellets have an optimal crude fibre to starch ratio (3.5 : 1) to help prevent fattening. The stabilised vitamin C in these pallets ensure optimal and continuous availability of this important vitamin.

    The Guinea Pig Dream Basic pellets consists of fibres with three different lengths and the Trimello pellet shape corresponding to the chewing behaviour of guinea pigs. This contributes to natural tooth abrasion and an optimal intestinal flora. This food can be given in unlimited quantities to your animal, because it contains balanced levels of fibres and other nutrients. Guinea pigs younger than 5 months can be given Guinea Pig Dream Young, guinea pigs older than 5 years Guinea Pig Dream Senior.

    Key Benefits

    • Complete and natural food for guinea pigs
    • High fibre content (21%)
    • Contains 42 different grasses and plants
    • Contains ingredients from the original habitat
    • Can be given in unlimited amounts
    • With three different fibre lengths


    Available in bags of 750 grams or 1.5 kg.


    Growth of permanent meadows (timothy, meadow fescue, meadow foxtail, german ryegrass, red fescue, blue grass, cocksfoot, velvet grass, annual panicle grass, white ragweed, vernal grass, couch grass, tussock grass, reed canary grass, white clover, red clover, dandelion leaves, yarrow herb, ribwort, caraway, cow parsley, meadow sweet, common hornwort, bedstraw, thyme-leaved speedwell, bush vetch, comfrey, bedstraw-meadow thistle, ground ivy, daisies, germander speedwell, lady's mantle, greater burnet-saxifrage, narrow-leaved vetch, meadow saxifrage, spring cinquefoil, green field-speedwell, common whitlow-grass, autumn dandelion, red ragweed, cowslip, small clover), timothy, oat peel bran, sunflower seed extracted, whole plant corn, carrot pomace, linseed extracted, rape seed extracted, carrots, brewer's grain, lignocellulose, sweet pepper, linseed, brewer's yeast, quinoa, amaranth, chokeberry pomace, maca root.

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  • Great guinea pig food
    By David Wingfield, Friday 24 August 2018

    Lovely natural guinea pig food with long list of wholesome ingredients.

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  • Great guinea pig food
    By David Wingfield, Friday 24 August 2018

    Lovely natural guinea pig food with long list of wholesome ingredients.

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