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Canina Petvital Derm Caps

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    Canina Petvital Derm Caps

    Canina Petvital Derm Caps are for skin and hair problems caused by allergies and metabolic or hormonal changes.

    To ensure the daily requirement of essential fatty acids, use Petvital Derm Caps and Petvital Derm Liquid. A series of essential fatty acids together with specific vitamins and trace elements, a very active combination, which is applied to the skin. This activates the cell metabolism of the skin and promotes the function skin, hair and glands in the skin.

    Canina Petvital Derm Caps contain Evening Primrose Oil. Evening Primrose Oil is, aside from breastmilk, the only known source of a particular biologically active fatty acid, gamma linolenic acid. Essential (unsaturated/essential) fatty acids cannot be made by the body, so they should be included in the diet every day.

    With an insufficient intake of essential fatty acids, the following symptoms may occur:

    • Rough, dry skin
    • Hair Loss
    • Eczema (especially between the toes)
    • Flaking skin
    • Skin allergy
    • Increased susceptibility to skin infections
    • Ear Infection
    • Excess earwax formation
    • Delayed wound healing
    • Growth failure
    • Decreased muscle tone
    • Fatty liver disease and liver degeneration.

    The following conditions can create a deficiency of essential fatty acids:

    • During growth
    • During the nursing period
    • With age
    • When under stress
    • Due to sugary food or diabetes
    • In case of skin allergies
    • Treatment with cortisone
    • Food with rancid fat
    • A poor protein diet. This may be the case when you feed your pet according to the principle of Barf i.e. only raw meat. A supplement of Canina Petvital Dermcaps is recommended for dogs on the BARF diet. For more supplements for the BARF diet, click here


    During the first 2 weeks, give 1 capsule per day per 10 kg of body weight. After this course, give 1 capsule per 10 kg body weight about 3 times a week.

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  • Very good
    By Zydrune, Thursday 15 October 2020

    My dogs coat improved so much , very nice and shiny. Delivery was quick .

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  • Very good
    By Zydrune, Thursday 15 October 2020

    My dogs coat improved so much , very nice and shiny. Delivery was quick .

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