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Capturine Natural Grooming - Lavendula Conditioner

This product is no longer available.

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    This product is no longer available. You can find a suitable alternative here.

    Capturine Natural Grooming - Lavendula Conditioner

    Lavendula conditioner off Capturine Pets Natural Grooming gives your dog's coat a satin finish. Lavender oil has a powerful calming, relaxing and sebum-regulating effect.

    This conditioner will give your pet's coat a silky gloss. The lavender essential oil gives a superb lustre without being greasy or sticky. Lavender oil has a strong calming and relaxing effect, and is recommended for anxious or stressed animals. In addition, lavender oil has a sebum-regulating effect on all skin types.

    The regular use of Lavendula prevents oily hair and dandruff. This conditioner can be used for all breeds, no matter the coat colour or texture. Even in white breeds there is no discolouration.

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