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The Beagle is a cheerful animal and in fact a hunting dog. He prefers to just wander around and is often not on the side where the owner wants to go. It loves to be with other Beagles and prefers to live in a pack. Furthermore, the Beagle is often full of energy and must therefore be able to lose this energy. Beagles love to eat and often quickly become too fat.



Origin: England - Greece
Other breed names: English Beagle
Body: Compact, dignified without being too heavy.
Weight: 12 - 15 kg
Height: 33 - 40 cm
Common symptoms: Hip dysplasia, (HD) Elbow dysplasia (ED)


The Beagle is a tricolour, this means that it comes in 3 colours: black, white and light brown, the majority of Beagles have all three colours. Older Beagles also have grey hairs. Beagles can have two different types of coats: a rough coat or soft coat. A soft coat is smooth, very dense and not too short. A rough coated Beagle has a very dense, prickly and thread-like fur. The coat is resistant to weather influences. Since 1950, the rough coated Beagle has been taken from the breed standard and is officially no longer found.

Approach to training

Beagles are not one of the most obedient dog breeds and do not always do the things that they are asked to do. This is because the Beagle is an independent hunting dog first and foremost, although it is also suitable as a domestic dog. The training should attract the attention of the Beagle, this can be done by working with a lot of games, variety and proper rewards (toys / cuddly toys / cheerful voice of handler / biscuits, etc.). The Beagle also has to lose its energy, so it is recommended not to be too quiet. It is important to remain consistent and clear during training, making your pet calm and peaceful.

Dog sports

The Beagle is suitable for various dog sports such as flyball, agility, hunting and detective work.

Beagles are suited for owners who:

  • Are looking for a small temperamental dog
  • Love to have a hunting dog
  • Look for a dog that can handle children well


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