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Dog Pools

When the weather is warm, nothing is more fun than to cool down in a cold dog pool. With a dog pool, your pet can safely and responsibly cool down under supervision during the hot summer days. Cooling down is fine, but the water fun is even more fun! Vetsend has several dog pools in its range. There is a suitable swimming pool for both larger dogs and small dogs. Let the water fun begin!

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Cooling in a dog pool

During warm days it is very important to cool your pooch because dogs hardly have sweat glands. Because of this, overheating is on the lookout. By purchasing a dog pool, your pet has a nice place to cool down. A pool is amusement and keeps your companion animal nice and cool on hot days.

Strong material

Most dog swimming pools are made sturdy by using scratch-resistant plastic. This material is very easy to clean and is resistant to the nails of your pet. To ensure that your dog does not fall, most pools have a non-slip bottom to prevent slipping while having fun in the water. Some pools even allow you to buy a cover. This can be very useful to keep the water clean so that your four-legged friend can enjoy the pool over and over again.

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