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LickiMat: reducing anxiety and stress

The LickiMat products can help reduce stress and anxiety in cats and dogs. The LickiMat can be used to help combat seperation anxiety in pets, but also pets with a fear of fireworks and thunderstorms. Licking can also be a pleasant distraction for pets that are in pain or sick. It can make a visit to the vet more comfortable.

LickiMat and dental care

LickiMat products can also help with dental care and oral health of your pet. Licking stimulates the tongue, which naturally releases more saliva, which cleans gums and teeth. Scraping the tongue can also help pets with bad breath.

LickiMat Slow Feeder

Most LickiMat products are suitable for both wet food and regular dry food. LickiMat has products that can be used to limit gulping behaviour, such as the LickiMat Buddy or LickiMat Playdate. Dry food automatically falls into the grooves, while you can smear your pet’s favorite wet food on the mat. Because the food gets into all corners, it is a real challenge for your pet to lick everything.