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Manuka G Wound Gel

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  • Product Description

    Manuka G wound gel

    Manuka G wound gel can be applied directly on the wound. Honey creates a moist environment which contributes the wound healing process.


    Wound healing involves a process of events that positively or negatively affect the healing. Research in the 1960s resulted in the development of advanced wound dressings, which tried to achieve a positive effect on the wound area in order to create the best possible healing conditions. Since then, many modern products have been developed to eliminate bacteria in the wound, and/or ensure a healthy level of moisture in the tissue.

    Increasing resistance to antibiotics means that we have moved to treating wounds increasingly locally. The rediscovery of and research into more traditional practices, however, have shown that honey (which used to be seen as a remedy) can have a positive effect on wound healing.

    Manuka honey:

    Honey, especially Manuka honey, is an ancient remedy. Honey from nectar from the Manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparia) has been proven invaluable in modern wound treatment. Manuka honey is a unique natural honey with strong anti-bacterial properties, scientifically proven to promote healing and ward off infections.

    Key features:

    • 100% Letospermum scoparium honey from New Zealand
    • Applying honey directly to the wound ensures a moist wound environment, which promotes quick healing.

    Recommended for:

    • Trauma and contaminated wounds
    • Moist wounds for which autolysis and debridement is required
    • Superficial and partial second degree burns
    • Deep wounds and abscesses
    • Pressure marks
    • Surgical wounds

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Manuka G Wound Gel reviews
  • Works well
    By Irene, Friday 31 July 2020

    I bought this for my boy who keeps licking his leg following surgery a year ago. He keeps breaking down the skin. Put this on and the skin is healing well

  • Manuka
    By Wendy , Monday 27 April 2020

    The product is easy to use and great to apply ... it is helping my dogs wound massively

  • Wound gel
    By Mandy McMaster, Sunday 2 June 2019

    The Manuka gel I purchased is great, just what I needed to heal a sore area but seriously disappointed with the delivery company you use! Yodel! Shouldn’t be operating! Attempted a delivery & left a card then when we arranged another date with them they couldn’t locate my address apparently & took my parcel back to their depot 11 miles away expecting me to collect! You cannot speak to anyone at Yodel so Vetsend thankfully sent another parcel which Yodel managed to deliver to the property they couldn’t previously locate!

  • Manuka honey gel
    By B Ginn, Tuesday 2 April 2019

    Good product no side effects or irritation when used on my cat's open wound on its paw. Helped to start healing process and seemed more effective than number of antibiotics prescribed but vet. Disadvantage is that it is sticky and a bit difficult to get out of tube.

  • Manuka honey
    By Sheena proud, Sunday 10 February 2019

    Delivered promptly... excellent product used it on a wound on my dog after operation and results were fantastic highly recommended