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Maxani Honey Complex Shampoo

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    Please note: this product is being renewed. The product will get a new packaging. The composition of the product will not change.

    Maxani Animal Healthcare

    Maxani is the expert in skin products for pets and horses. Maxani offers products that support the skin and that contribute to the skin's natural ability to recover.

    Maxani Honey Complex Shampoo

    The Honey Complex Shampoo is a very mild shampoo. The shampoo is nourishing for dry to very dry skin. The shampoo can help reduce excess sebum production (seborrhea) and in cases of thickening of the skin layer (ichtyosis). The ingredients jojoba and aloe vera care for the skin and make this shampoo mild and nourishing. Honey has been added to support the skin.

    Key features

    • Very mild
    • Caring and nourishing shampoo
    • For dry to very dry skin
    • Can be used in combination with medicinal shampoo
    • Does not degrease the skin too much


    • Comb the coat and remove any tangles
    • Wet your pet's coat and skin thoroughly with lukewarm water (the ratio between shampoo and water is allowed to be between 1 to 5 and 1 to 10)
    • Dilute the shampoo with (luke)warm water in an empty (shampoo) bottle
    • Pour the shampoo onto the coat starting at the neck and finishing at the base of the tail
    • Massage the shampoo into the whole coat and down to the skin
    • Rinse the shampoo until the water is clear and repeat this treatment
    • Let the shampoo take effect for 10 minutes after massaging it in
    • Rinse the shampoo out again until the water is clear
    • Pat and rub dry. Using a hair dryer is not recommended
    • Avoid contact with the eyes


    Available in 250ml


    Honey, bee propolis, bee pollen, aloe vera, calendula, plantago, collagen, protein, Vitamin B5, tea tree and jojoba oil

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