Medicines & Supplements for Dogs

At Vetsend you can find a wide range of medicines and supplements for dogs. Dogs that are given special diet food do not necessarily need any additional nutritional supplements as the high-quality food offers all of the necessary vitamins and minerals. Nevertheless, there are times at which it might be advisable to add some nutritional supplements to your dog's diet. For example, when the immune system is low, i.e. after surgery, during illness or for geriatric dogs. Dogs may also need nutritional supplements due to allergies, skin problems, or intestinal disorders. There are many different types of supplements available for a variety of complaints. Examples include specific joint supplements, natural pain relief medication and supplements to help your dog maintain a healthy coat.

Administering dog medicines and supplements

In most cases administering medication or supplements in the form of pills or liquid capsules, to your dog, is quite challenging. To help pet owners give medication to their pets, Vetsend offers a range of products such as the Easypill. The Easypill is a soft and malleable capsule that can be used to easily administer liquid or powder supplements. There are also handy pill dispensers to help you administer pills directly into your dog's mouth.

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