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Puur Sinus Dog Cat Horse

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  • Product Description

    Puur Sinus

    Puur Sinus increases the resistance of the animal and has a soothing effect on the airways so that it can breathe more freely through the nose. Suitable for cats, dogs, horses and ponies.

    Treatment duration

    In an acute situation, the duration of the treatment will be relatively short. This may vary from a few days to 3 weeks. If you notice an improvement, continue the treatment for a few more days. In the event of long-term discomfort, the effect is usually visible after 1 to 3 weeks. If you notice an improvement, you can switch to a maintenance dose. This is usually half of the dosage indicated on the packaging. When dosing this product, pay close attention to your pet's reaction. At the beginning of a treatment, a higher dosage may be required. This product can be safely given in a double dose. Reduce the dosage gradually to the lowest possible dose.

    This product can be given indefinitely. It is advised that a stop week is used every 6 to 8 weeks. The stimulus can be reintroduced after the stop week. Resume treatment immediately if symptoms worsen.


    Apply this product directly to the mouth using a plastic syringe, or dilute in a little water. This product should be administered separately from meals where possible, as it works more effectively on an empty stomach.

    Puur Sinus Dosage

    • Cat: 5 drops
    • Dog: 10 drops
    • Horse: 15 drops

    Shake well before use. 1 ml = 20 drops.


    Aqua, Glucerin(e), red sunflower (Echinacea purpurea), common elder (Sambucus nigra), lapacho (Pau d'Arco), big plantain (Plantago major).

    Puur Sinus is now alcohol free for better acceptance.

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Puur Sinus Dog Cat Horse reviews
  • Impractical
    By Lynsey, Wednesday 18 October 2023

    Not sure how you’re supposed to drop the drops into a teeny tiny cats nose while it lays on its back patiently waiting for the drops to slowly drip from the bottle. Fighting a losing battle. A pipette would be a better solution

  • Cat with runny nose
    By Angela Lloyd, Saturday 19 August 2023

    Bought this product to try and elevate my cats runny nose and it being blocked with mucus. He’s been on it a week and already we can see an improvement in him. I’m not having to wipe his nose to remove mucus any where near what I was doing. He has gained some of his appetite back which is brilliant. I would recommend this product, as it’s making a difference after such a short period of use.

  • Maltese snorting.
    By Alan jones, Monday 16 January 2023

    I can honestly say that this product is excellent, my little boy who sounded like he couldn't breathe with a blocked nose but after just one week of taking this he is 99% better,thank you.