Supleneo flex
Supleneo flex
Supleneo flex

Supleneo flex

Supleneo Flex is no longer available. Please look here for suitable alternatives.

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Product Description

Supleneo Flex

Supleneo Flex is a food supplement taken as part of complete joint care for dogs, with easy administration (once daily) and composed of high-quality ingredients.

Supleneo Flex is a supplement for the support and maintenance of healthy joints in dogs. It can be used alone or alongside osteoarthritis treatment. Osteoarthritis is a painful condition that affects the joints. It is a chronic joint disorder of the musculoskeletal system, where joint cartilage deteriorates over time and may even disappear completely. This process is considered "wear and tear". Symptoms of the disease include pain, stiffness and loss of motor function.

Suitable for:

Supleneo is a highly palatable, soft chew tablet that resembles meat, specially developed to meet the needs of dogs. It is ideally suited for larger breeds, but also for active and working dogs that have an increased risk of injuries. It can also be used as part of the treatment of osteoarthritis. Also suitable for dogs with overburdened joints due to being overweight.


Starting dose per day (up to 6 weeks):
Up to 10 kg1 chew tablet
10-25 kg2 chew tablets
25 kg and over3 chew tablets
Daily use:
Up to 10 kg0.5 chew tablet 10-25 kg1 chew tablet25 kg and over1.5 chew tablets

Complete joint care:

The ideal programme for general health, wellbeing and joint care in dogs:

  • Nutrition: a proper diet is important for dogs to keep fit and active throughout their lives.
  • Weight: a healthy weight ensures that the joints are not overburdened.
  • Movement: every dog should get enough exercise and rest, so that the joints remain flexible and to minimise "wear and tear".


Contains a combination of three key ingredients that are similar to those found in joint supplements for humans, but with an adapted texture and flavour for dogs:

  • Glucosamine hydrochloride is one of the natural building blocks of healthy cartilage. Glucosamine plays a role in the prevention of degeneration of essential connective tissue.
  • Chondroitin sulphate is involved in the preservation of elasticity in cartilage and supports synthesis, it also assists in the production and viscosity enhancement of synovial fluid.
  • Tocopherols, combined with components of Vitamin E, have anti-oxidant properties.
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