Muscle, Tendon & Bone Problems in Dogs

Exercising your Dog

Although dependent upon your dog's age and health, your dog should be getting plenty of exercise as they need to be able to relieve themselves of their energy, by going for a walk or run. If your dog does not get enough exercise this could lead to becoming overweight, especially if they also have an unbalanced diet. Furthermore, not taking your dog on a walk often enough can affect his mental well-being.

The Importance of Exercise

Exercise is important for your dog's bones, muscles and tendons. A lack of exercise can cause stiff muscles in your dog. Other causes of muscle stiffness include an underlying disease, nutritional deficiency or injury. Below, you can find a variety of nutritional supplements that could aid the development and maintenance of muscles, such as magnesium, calcium and vitamins, and could prevent stiffness. You can also use these nutritional supplements in senior dogs to prevent these conditions.

Bone Conditions

Besides muscle stiffness, dogs can also suffer from bone conditions, such as osteoarthritis (chronic wear of bones). Osteoarthritis can be caused by ageing or as a result of limping following an injury. Another bone condition that affects certain breeds is the development of hip dysplasia (HD) as a result of a genetic predisposition. HD means that the hip joint has not been developed properly.

Dog Tendons

Tendons are tough bands that connect muscle to bone and have a relatively low blood circulation. Because of the low blood circulation, it may take longer for your dog's torn or pulled muscle to heal. It is important to consult your veterinarian if your dog is in pain, limping, involved in a trauma or accident, or is generally unwell. It might even be necessary for your dog to start a course of antibiotics. If your dog suffers from sore or stiff muscles and joints it might be a good idea to consult an animal (veterinary) physiotherapist. You can pair the physiotherapy treatment with the products on this page.

Alternative solutions

If you would like to go a different route in treating your dog's muscle stiffness, then CBD oil and Salmon Oil could be an option, too. These products have proven to have a healthy effect on inflammatory reactions and could prevent muscle or joint stiffness.

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