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Nylabone for your four-legged friends

The Nylabone family has a rich heritage of knowledge, and personal experience and knows that every dog has its own distinct needs. No wonder their range of chewing solutions is vast and varied and available in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavours and textures for every kind of breed. Shop for chew treats, chew toys, puppy products or dental solutions and help your pet chew through boredom and destructive chewing or simply for flavourful fun.

Nylabone options to choose from

No matter what the age, you can find a chew to suit your pet’s taste and style. Teething Puppy Chews are suitable for teething puppies as they need gentle chew toys to ease teething pain and keep them satisfied and happy. The Nylabone collection includes Puppy Bent Bone, Ring Bone, Chew Bone, Chew Boomerang, Dental Chew and more. Use these toys to enforce positive chewing habits in your puppy’s routine. For less aggressive chewers there’s the range of FlexiChew Moderate Chew made of softer and flexible material. Shop for the Moderate Chew Bacon Zen Bone, Flexible Oval Ring, or the convenient Mini Twin Pack for the light chewers. The Strong Chews made of natural but tough rubber are for determined chewers. These strong chews are easy to grip and just right for breeds who get excited about chewing. Whether you choose the Strong Chew NylaCone Bone, the 3-in-1 Treat Holder, or the Rubber Braided Bone, your buddy will simple love them. Satisfy the more extreme chewers with the DuraChew Power Chew. These indestructible dog toys are intense treats for chew-happy pets. Some products in this Flavor Frenzy Power Chew range include flavours such as the Cheese steak, Chicken Wing, Fried, Chicken Barbell, Pork Chop, 5-Rib Bone, Turkey Leg and more.

Dental solutions for your dog

Help your furry friend maintain proper dental hygiene with Nylabone dental treats. Discover the range of products that promote good canine dental care. The Advanced Oral Care Fresh Bar Dental Treats are a yummy way to take care of your pet’s dental hygiene. The chicken-flavoured treats help to clean the teeth and also contain Denta-C that reduces plaque and harmful bacteria. The Galileo Dog Bone is an organic bone that brushes your pet’s teeth without much wear and tear. This durable bone is perfect for extremely hard chewers. Unlike natural bones, the material and shape of the Nylabone act like a brush to keep the teeth clean while massaging the gums.

High quality plastic

Nylabone products are made from approved and durable synthetic materials that are safe. In case your furry friend chews off the shavings, you don’t have to worry as they are not toxic and are safely excreted from the body. The Nylabone Durable Wishbone made from high-quality plastic staves off boredom and keeps your four-legged friend active and happy. These dog toys are plain fun and keep them focussed and active. Shop for these quality chew products and help your pet maintain healthy chewing habits.

Order Nylabone directly

Nylabone offers something to chew, no matter what. Often recommended by veterinarians, these edible chew treats occupy and entertain your companion animal and discourage destructive chewing. Moreover the innovative dog toys deepen the bond between pets and their families and keeps them happy and healthy.