Oropharma is a company specialised in the development of grooming products, medicines and supplements for birds, rodents, rabbits, dogs and cats. Before a product is launched, it is tested by a team of veterinarians, biologists and pharmacists. Oropharma works with Versele-Laga to develop high quality products. Vetsend has added the top selling products, such as Oropharma Ideal Pills to its range.

Oropharma: food supplements for birds

Vetsend offers a wide range of nutritional supplements, especially for birds. The Oropharma bird food supplements contribute to optimal health. Ferti Vit, for example, can be used during the preparation of breeding and for egg-laying and fertility disorders. Ferti Vit contains a mix of vitamins, amino acids and trace minerals and helps with sex drive, fertility and boosts the immune system. There are several food supplements that support the resistance of pigeons or have a supported effect when flying. Calcium is very important for the bird's body, because it is an important source for a good egg shell and skeleton structure.

For dogs and cats

Oropharma also offers food supplements for dogs and cats. For dogs there are several food supplements that contribute to healthy digestion, skin and coat and support the joints. For cats there is OroPharma Anti-Hairball. This paste contributes to the prevention and reduction of hairballs in the stomach. Have a look below at the complete range of Oropharma products.

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