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Prepare your garden for spring: be careful with cocoa shell mulch and fertiliser

Most people are aware that chocolate is dangerous for dogs. A lot of dog owners take additional precautionary measures during Easter and Christmas, to prevent their furry friend from eating chocolate. However, plenty of people do not know that a harmful substance called theobromine can be found in various fertilisers and soil improvers. This is why we would like to make you aware of the dangers of this substance, which is often used when people prepare their gardens for the upcoming spring.

Plants and gardening

Cocoa shell mulch toxic to dogs

Cocoa shells are a by-product of the production process of chocolate. When cocoa beans are roasted, these shells separate from the bean. Because cocoa shells are a by-product, they are a cheap and sustainable way to improve your garden’s soil quality. Cocoa shell mulch is also used as a ground cover to fight off and prevent weeds.

Cocoa shell mulch are of great risk when speaking about harmful soil improvers. This is because they, just like chocolate, contain theobromine, which can be harmful for dogs, cats and horses.

Dangerous attractiveness

Often times, pets are instinctively not attracted to substances that can harm them. Unfortunately, this is different in the case of chocolate (cocoa). Cocoa shells can even have a strong attractive smell to curious dogs, especially when they are just spread onto the soil and contain a strong smell. The dangerous aspect is that theobromine is harmful in even a very small amount. When a 30kg dog eats 450 grams of fertiliser or 150 grams of soil improver, serious poisoning symptoms can arise, which can ultimately lead to death.

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