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Probiotic house cleaning

Conventional cleaning products aren’t always environmentally-friendly or even user-friendly as some of them tend to include corrosive substances or irritants. Luckily, there are many safe alternatives such as organic cleaning products. These products contain probiotics and uses the organic activity of these microorganisms to clean.

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What are probiotic cleaning products?

Probiotics are microorganisms and most commonly known for their use in nutritional supplements to support healthy gut bacteria. However, they can also be used rather effectively in cleaning. By using a probiotic cleaning product, healthy bacteria is spread across the cleaned surface, which helps remove any unhealthy and harmful bacteria. Furthermore, the ‘good’ microorganisms remain active for a longer period of time than chemical cleaning agents.

How does it work?

Probiotic cleaning products contain the aforementioned microorganisms (‘good bacteria’). These microorganisms are abundantly found in nature and excrete enzymes that break down dirt (such as protein, fats and carbohydrates). Microorganisms use the by-products resulting from this breakdown to feed on, which allows them to survive, reproduce and continue the cleaning process of dirt and odours. Microorganisms expire as soon as their food supply (dirt) runs out. By using probiotics, we are able to clean our environment in an environmentally friendly and harmless way, with a long-term effect.

Examples of probiotic cleaning products include Ecopets Urine Odour and Stain Remover and Capturine Pets Bio-Cleaning. These organic cleaning products are extremely effective in combatting stains or bad smells from urine, faeces and vomit. Pets that scent mark are also less likely to mark the same spot after it has been cleaned with a probiotic cleaning agent.

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