Horse Supplies & Accessories

Inherently, horses spend most of their time foraging for food or grazing. However, nowadays most horses spend most of their time inside a stable and are offered food at certain times of the day, which can lead to boredom and even stress-related problems. It is important to prioritise the emotional wellbeing of your horse through mental stimulation, providing a refined environment or prolonging the feeding time.

Horse Rugs

There are many different rugs available for your horse. These include winter blankets, rain blankets, fly rugs and fleece rugs. Blankets are mainly used to offer your horse protection, whether from flies or from cold weather. Some horses suffer from summer eczema, caused by mosqitos, and an eczema rug could be a good solution for those issues. Have a look at our assortment and find the perfect horse rug.

Horse Toys

Among other things, Vetsend offers a range of toy products by Jolly, which specialises in sustainable and high-quality products that refine your horse's direct environment. To prolong the feeding time, horse toys have been developed that incorporate treats and snacks, which keeps them busy in a playful manner.

Horse accessories

Owning a horse means owning a lot of horse accessories. Here, we offer a large range of different supplies you and your horse might need. Think of halters, hay feeders, lead ropes, grooming kits, saddle pads, nosebands and fetlock boots. We also have supplies for a trailers and stables like a stable hook. Have a look at our horse accessories products to see more.

Horse Licks

A horse lick can help your horse to consume sufficient salts, minerals and trace elements. Not only can this help if your horse as a salt deficiency, it's also perfect to combat boredom in the stable. Our salt licks come in different properties and flavours.