Horse Supplies & Accessories

Inherently, horses spend most of their time foraging for food or grazing. However, nowadays most horses spend most of their time inside a stable and are offered food at certain times of the day, which can lead to boredom and even stress-related problems. It is important to prioritise the emotional wellbeing of your horse through mental stimulation, providing a refined environment or prolonging the feeding time.


Among other things, Vetsend offers a range of horse toy products by Jolly, which specialises in sustainable and high-quality products that refine your horse's direct environment. To prolong the feeding time, horse toys have been developed that incorporate treats and snacks, which keeps them busy in a playful manner.

Snacks and Treats

Snacks can be used not only to fill toys, as mentioned above, but also as (incidental) treats. Furthermore, this category also offers a number of salt licks in different flavours (such as, apple, honey and carrot) for some additional enjoyment.

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