Tinley Behavioural Therapy CD
Tinley Behavioural Therapy CD
Tinley Behavioural Therapy CD

Tinley Behavioural Therapy CD

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Product Description

This behavioural CD contains highly realistic sound recordings of thunderstorms and fireworks. If you play the disc correctly it can be an important step in ridding your pet of its fear of fireworks, thunderstorms and sudden loud noises in general.

Start early

Animal behaviourist Debbie Rijnders has created this fireworks CD for animals as a tool to help reduce their fear of thunder or fireworks. Changing behaviour takes time and it is therefore important to start well before the time of year when fireworks are often used.


Unfortunately there are too many pets who needlessly fear the sounds of thunder or fireworks. The proper reconditioning can rid an animal of fear or anxiety or reduce it significantly. Reconditioning your pet to the sound of thunder or fireworks is part of the therapy.

Expert tips and advice

Animal behaviourist Debbie Rijnders and behavioural expert and veterinarian Margit Price offer advice and tips on how to give your pet an enjoyable life without the recurring panic at the sound of thunder or fireworks.

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